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Book Review

We just have to share this book review with you. Thank you so much! We cant wait for the book to be translated into english. The titel of the book is: BE A MASTER.

“This book found me.

It came to me, carried along on the highway of energetic attraction, and the minute I saw the front page in an add on Facebook I felt my energetic field respond, like a strong tug and pull in my stomach (the navel chakra), a pulsing in my third eye and crown and a curiosity and an excitement,
that sent me on an immediate treasure hunt on how to get my hands on the book, that led me to their homepage, www.engleskole.dk , and to soon have the book ordered and on its way to me in the mail as well as following the authors, Line and Louise, on YouTube and Facebook.

The excitement and the resonance with the book and the authors I felt was immediate, strong, and it has only grown stronger, as Ive been reading the book, taking it all in, as well as watched some of their videos and other content.

And for me it wasn’t just a strong energetic resonance; some of the explanations and visuals in the book even depicted dreams or experiences I’ve had in a meditative state, myself! The synchronicity and wonder of coming upon passages that closely depict my own personal experiences or visuals, was a powerful underlining and confirmation of how the energy flows between us, intersecting timelines in a concurrent Now-moment, how being on the same wavelength can connect us with people we don’t know, as well as energetic beings and knowledge and wisdom beyond the physical realm.

To me that is magic.

To me that is a gift.

To me that is healing, as the world and the possibilities become so much bigger and we are reunited in wondrous ways with our star family and the energies of Home, and open ourselves up to more light, more wisdom, and more Love.

I have always had an interest in and a passion for the healing arts and how to rewire and restore people to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and how to build strong and healthy connections and communities where people can be nurtured as well as contribute with whatever unique flavor we bring to the table. As a psychologist I’ve learned a lot about the physical, emotional and mental side of this, and how they are interrelated, and adding the spiritual and energetic factor and viewpoint to this, only allows for a much deeper and richer understanding as well as possibilities for healing.

I found both the text as well as the exercises and visuals to spark my light and my energy. It was nice to have a mix of channeled messages and exercises with the human perspective and viewpoints, and the imagery, the beautiful, high vibrating drawings and illustrations throughout the book just added some extra magic and fairydust and allowed me to take it all in on so many different levels at once.

I am so super grateful for this book and for the work and cooperation and co-creation that has birthed it into existence.

It has easily made it onto my favorite shelf, and I will surely be rereading (in) it, as it has also made its way into my heart and connected deeply with my soul”