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Angel Congress 2023

Nordic Angel Congress 2023

Theme: The new golden era on earth

The 7th of October 2023 in Denmark, Aalborg

Musikkens hus, Musikkens Pl. 1, 9000 Aalborg, Denmark

The speakers of the Angel Congress are passionate about what they do! They do life in their own and unique way.

This will be crystal clear on stage, so you can get inspired to live your dream life and step out of old patterns.

The new era of earth is here and it is happening through you and your energy.


The mission of the Angel Congress 2023 is…

  • To awaken the energy of your soul and your life mission within you
  • To create an experience of light, hope and wisdom in you and your surroundings
  • To explore the possibilities of a new era on earth for humanity
  • To motivate you to live your dreamlife!


We encourage you to put your thoughts aside and lean back in your seat, while you let yourself be inspired by today’s speakers and programme.

Programme for the day


At 9: The doors open

When you arrive, we have arranged for ‘parking angels’ to greet you at Musikkens Hus in Aalborg, Denmark (AAL). You won’t miss them. From here, you have an hour to enjoy this beautiful house special atmosphere and architecture by the Limfjord. You can also go shopping in our Angel Congress shop, find books and card decks from the speakers. Its also possible to enjoy a cup of coffee or delicious tea, spring water and a crispy croissant.

At 10: We start and welcome you at the concert hall

In the concert hall, you will be greeted by music by Jacob Hauge, which will make your soul feel very happy.
Line Rune Balling welcomes you and you will be introduced to the charming and talented conference speaker, Sebbastian Lorantius.
Louise Sofia Rørbech will channel a healing to everyone, where a shared light portal will be opened energetic for you and your heart.

At 10:25: Anne Skaare Nielsen

Like a tornado that lifts you up and expands your horizons, futurist Anne Skaare Nielsen comes on stage with her lecture: “The future is calling you”. It is about life purpose and new awareness, and it brings you into the eye of the hurricane with new insight into the possibilities of the future.

At 11: Tim Whild

It’s time for an “energy weather forecast” with Tim Whild. He is a bestselling author and has an ability to sense energy shifts and consciousness shifts, that he believes is taking place on earth right now. You can learn more about how the energies can be experienced and how it is impacting you and your life, and perhaps pieces will fall into place for you – right there.

At 11:40: Morning break

During the morning break, you can wash down the day’s first impression with some clear water, aromatic coffee, delicious tea and topped with fruit. This is included in the price.

At 12:05: Rebecca Campbell

Mini-workshop with the topic: “Learn how to connect with your soul and your soul’s mission”. Rebecca is a bestselling author and mystic, and with her presence and wisdom, she will bring out the light within you.

At 1:15: Lunch break

One-hour lunch break. If you have not ordered lunch with your ticket, you can order it HERE. Go have fun with people you are with, visit The Angel Congress Shop, or simply just take a break.

At 2:15: Jacob Hauge

With Jacob Hauge’s music in the concert hall, we will once again ensure that you and your soul are once again united today.

At 2:20: Alex Riel

Now it’s going to be crazy! With author and philosopher Alex Riel, we open the second part of the day by focusing on how quantum science requires wild thinking and contributes to developing a new consciousness.

At 3: Musician Kari Hamre

The musical artist and singer Kari Hamre, takes you into a musical universe with clear tones that bring you into contact with the sound of the universe and the frequency of the heart.

At 3:10: Mia Kafkios

We continue with the frequencies of the universe, with the new age therapist Mia Kafkios. She will raise the frequency in the concert hall via light language. You will feel this throughout your body and energy field and you will definitely be uplifted after this talk and experience.

At 3:50: Afternoon break

The frequencies will probably need to settle, and you will have the opportunity to network a bit. We are ready with water, coffee, tea and fruit.

At 4:15: Jessica Tumminello and musician Paul Luftenegger

In an interview, you meet the intuitive artist Jessica Tumminello and her magical digital artwork. The artwork have the energy from angels and stars beings, and will now fill the concert hall, and be accompanied by the wonderful Canadian pianist and singer Paul Luftenegger.

At 4:40: Kyle Gray

Your heart will love to be with the renowned bestselling author, spiritual teacher and yogi Kyle Gray from Scotland. He will take the stage with an uplifting talk about angels and “A New Shining Path for Humanity”. This experience can bring you into a basic trust, that you are helped, guided and loved in your journey on earth.

At 5:50: The end of the day

We end the day by tying a beautiful bow of hope for you and for the world. An energy that you can take home and store in your heart for the rest of your life.


Price and tickets

Prices from 1599 DKK per person.

Call the ticket center at Musikkens hus to book your ticket.

+45 6020 3000

E-mail: info@musikkenshus.dk


You can also buy your ticket online, but the booking system is in Danish.

Included in the price are

Practical stuff

If you want to spend the night in Aalborg – the night before the congress and/or the night after – then there is plenty of opportunity for that.

We have entered into special agreements with 3 hotels near Musikkens Hus. At these hotels, you can get a discount by stating the discount code.

All 3 hotels are close to the center and thus close to buses from the airport.

All 3 hotels are located approx. 15 minutes walk from Aalborg Railway Station and the Bus Terminal.

The congress is held at The House of Music
Musikkens hus, Musikkens Pl. 1, 9000 Aalborg


Kompas Hotel (discount code: englekongressen)

Cabinn Hotel (discount code: englekongres)

Pier 5 Hotel (discount code: P5enjoy15)



There are good connections between the most big cities to Aalborg (AAL).
From the airport, there are both buses and trains to Aalborg Station, which is a 10-minute walk from Musikkens Hus.
By taxi, the trip takes approx. 15 minutes.


With the speakers and the musicians at The Angel Congress

This video is about Atlantis, Lemuria, 3.-5. dimension, ascension, light work and mastery by Tim Whild and Louise Sofia Rørbech. See you at the congress Tim!

Paul Luftenegger plays at The Angel Congress. He talks about his meeting with Louise Hay. Among other things, he talks about what it was like for him to play for her 90th birthday

What is light language. Experience light language by Mia Kafkios on The Angel Congress & about the energies in 2023 with Louise Sofia Rørbech

Jessica Tumminello and her digital spiritual artwork and light language.

Greetings from Rebecca Campbell - who teaches you about your own soul and heart energy. It is the first time Rebecca will visit Denmark, and she is looking forward to it


Blessings from Louise and Line